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           Little Oaks Ball Park

                                   Mabelvale Youth Association  -  Mabelvale, Ar


  Ph: 455-4551



2006 Park Rules


  1. The Coach of each team is responsible for the conduct of themselves, their assistant coaches, their fans, and their players during a ballgame.
  2. Any player or coach thrown out of a game must go before the Board of Directors before they can coach or play in the next game.
  3. A Coach can withhold a player from a game for certain disciplinary reason. These include missing 2 excused practices, missing 1 unexcused game, or unruly conduct. Any other reason must be approved by the Board of Directors. The Coach must notify the Umpire and the opposing coach.
  4. Coaches must refrain from smoking on the playing field and dugouts during games.
  5. Coaches must refrain from the use of alcohol and or any illegal substance prior or during practice sessions or games. Any Coach (head or assistant) found guilty of using alcohol or illegal substances by the Executive Board of Directors will be dismissed from the team.


  1. The coaches of a team should stress sportsmanship on and off the field to their players and fans.
  2. After each game, both teams and coaches will meet on the field and shake hands.


  1. If a team has two forfeits during the season, the Head Coach must come before the Board of Directors and explain why.
  2. If two Coaches from the same team are thrown out of a game, the game will be called and recorded as a forfeit.


  1. To protest any game, you must call time out and pay the umpire $50.00. If the protest is in your favor, your money will be refunded.
  2. A judgment call by the umpire cannot be protested.
  3. Protest will be handled in a meeting of the league officials involved.


  1. In case of a rainout, the game will be played on the next available time slot. See board member for date and time.
  2. In case of rainout after a game has started, the game will resume where left off.
  3. Executive Board of Directors has the authority to call a rainout.
  4. Umpire has the authority to call a rain delay.

Warm-Up Time Before the Game and Leaving After the Game:

  1. In case of time restraint, the Board of Directors has the right to cancel warm-ups.
  2. After the game, each coach is responsible for getting their team off the field and out of the dugout as soon as possible.

General Rules:

  1. Little Oaks Board of Directors decides if field is playable before game starts.
  2. Umpire decides if game is playable after game starts.
  3. Any player batting, on base or in the batting circle must wear a helmet.
  4. Only a player on base, batting or on deck may be out of the dugout, except to use the restroom.
  5. If a runner takes his/her helmet off intentionally, the umpire will call him/her out unless time-out has been called on the field.
  6. A catcher must have his/her mask on if catching, even during warm-ups.
  7. A baseball catcher must wear a cup.
  8. Each team will be allowed a maximum of 3 coaches on the field during play.
  9. All other rules will be governed by the: (1) 2006 REEL LEAGUE Rules for Pony, Little, Teeny League, Baseball Pitching Machine. (2) League Rules for Softball. (3) USSSA Rules for Baseball. (4) USSSA Softball Rules. (5) AABA Rules for Baseball.


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